Leather low shoes TIMBERLAND 72120…

And here are the recesses in the form of cones closer.
The sole is glued. For 29 bucks, this is a very good purchase, after all, branded shoes made of real leather.
Close up photo of the sock.

After a successful purchase of Timberland Lafayette Cap Toe Chukka boots, I realized that the size grid of this brand more or less suits me. The same Rockport or Clarks. Summing up summing up. But for 70 https://jiji.co.ke/cars/mercedes_benz-g_class-2015 I would not buy, there are a lot of more interesting options. The feeling that these are shoes for workers of standing professions.
All seams are neat. Stand for a long time too (now we have two people in small shops and often queues form on the street, so we have to). The only thing that annoys me a little is the sole tapping on the asphalt with a muffled sound that speaks of voids inside.
I took a photo in new shoes, but they got lost somewhere.
This is what they look like.
The names of the technologies used are indicated on the sole.
Leather insert with company logo on top. There is a make offer button.
4 of 5 pairs of lace eyelets are internal. This is how they look with jeans.
Moreover, they cost $25 $8.75 for shipping within the USA. But for many, this phrase is strange, so let it be low shoes
The insole here is also with technology
Anti-Fatigue. Still, it will be literally hard to walk far and for a long time in such weighty low shoes around the city. This model has seams from the toe to the ankle.
Inside, everything is finished with textiles. You see, the heaped insole affects. And I began to look through Ebay periodically in search of interesting offers.
On the inside of the tongue, size 12 US is indicated, model number 72120, material is leather, made in Indonesia. Let’s move on to the fitting.
No matter how I googled, I could not find what a GSR sole is. Seems like a good suggestion to begin with. The shoes feel very heavy in the hands. When you put on the shoes, you immediately feel the support of the arch of the foot. The seller is a private trader, so there was one pair, the same size.
Layer made of non-woven material. I offered the seller to throw off 5 bucks, and he agreed.

Feel made for a 30 cm foot. Then I took a closer look – my size, condition – new. Thanks for
The brand name is printed on the back of the sole. Can be leveled with thick socks if weather permits. They sat down a little loose. The shoes arrived without a box.
The laces of low shoes are of a good length, with a margin. There are not so many of them.
I think it has something to do with Anti-fatique technology. Shoes made of good leather, comfortable, but heavy.
Sole with a relief in the form of honeycombs (or simply hexagons).
Leather back. I had to take a picture again today, after a month of occasional wear. Yesterday I noticed that small pebbles are clogged into the tread, but not very many – 2-3 pcs. on the shoe Didn’t photograph it. Most likely these are the “cone-shaped air pockets” that make up the Anti-Fatigue system. Not very "feng shui", but the model is a budget one. This is not very good, it will collect dust, but it will not work to wash it. Link in the header to the first such new low shoes on Ebay.
I don’t think so
inside the sole, the famous easily broken lattice, against this, says its weight. I have a foot length of 29.5 cm, I chose the size 12US. Anti-Fatigue Technology in Action

That’s all. Given that they now cost $ 70 new, I saved quite a bit. By the way, from this angle you can see the internal eyelets.
With cardboard inserts. The shoes are a little dusty, but overall they look the same.
The weight doesn’t feel that much on the legs. In appearance, these are more like shoes, sports shoes …
Textile tongue.
As a result, they came out to $ 28.75 with delivery to the intermediary. It is comfortable to walk in them.
The seams are neat, it’s hard to find fault.
The same logo is embossed on the side of the low shoe. So it’s time to describe the characteristics of the boots. Noticed? There were no glue streaks anywhere, as it has become fashionable with Western brands recently.
This is how it looks. The lot with the overlooked shoes has been on sale for quite some time.
At the back, a clearer Green Rubber technology badge. These are the dimensions of the insole. Each weighs 487g.


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