Overview of the laser engraving machine Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2

Clearly, the dimensions of the machine can be seen in this figure. This kit is best suited for engraving. This version has been produced for about a year, and it has replaced the very popular all over the world model Ortur Laser Master 2. The machine is delivered unassembled, it is necessary to assemble it. There is also a complete set with another laser module, more suitable for cutting. Everything is packed quite scrupulously. But in general, you can engrave and cut with any of the modules. Everything is neatly packaged. In the kit we have parts of the machine frame itself, a control unit, stepper motors, a laser module, a power supply, goggles, and other parts. Especially for the body, almost like the machine itself. You can also order additional accessories: a stand-alone controller with a holder, a casing (body) for the entire machine (with a smoke outlet) and a device with rotating rollers for engraving on non-flat surfaces.

Overview of the laser engraving machine Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2

Model Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 boasts a very good engraving speed – from 4000mm/min to 9000mm/min. This machine is designed for automated engraving on various materials, where laser power allows it, as well as for cutting a range of materials with a laser. Specifications Net weight: 3.5kg Who approved the prices for accessories, and from what he repelled, is not clear. Children and animals should not be allowed near the machine, and its work must be monitored, since there is, albeit minimal, but the risk of ignition of the processed material. Dimensions of the working area: 400*400mm Dimensions of the machine itself: 600*570*189mm
But the price tags are there … The machine came to me in about two weeks, using EMS courier delivery. Power supply: 24V 2A. I want to note right away that the use of this machine implies strict adherence to safety precautions so as not to damage the eyes. A more detailed story about the package and instructions on a short video: In my case, the machine is equipped with a 5500mW laser module. I give information on the characteristics of the laser module and the marking of one of the engines in the photo. And so, we will talk about the laser engraving machine Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2.
You can engrave on wood, glass, stone, ceramics, acrylic, plywood, paper, thin leather, oxidized metal and even some food)). The power of the laser module (in my configuration) is 5.5W On the product page, the manufacturer provides some samples of work with different materials, as well as https://jiji.com.gh/53-flood-lights/led the necessary settings for the material. Obviously this is not our option. Today, the review is very expensive, but at the same time an interesting product, of high quality. Hello everyone.


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