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Over the years, I don’t remember what idea came to my mind, but I ordered this sensor. Soviet-built houses were designed with ventilation designed for natural air flow through leaky window openings. As a rule, there were ventilation ducts only in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and in the rooms it was necessary to slightly open the windows for ventilation. From under the wooden frames in the autumn it began to blow strongly, so for the winter they were usually sealed with paper tape, laying foam tapes in the doors. A few years ago, a friend of mine needed to quickly focus his camera. The usual method is to twist the lens and evaluate the image contrast programmatically, it didn’t roll in terms of speed. And last week, picking out dust from the corners of the workplace, I dug out this sensor too. He discovered sensors that were just starting to be produced – VL53L1X: small, economical, accuracy and measured distance (up to 4m) were sufficient for him and asked me to deal with them. Another article from the "what I found in my trash" series.

TOP reviews and discounts

The sensors were fresh, there was little information about them, and there were no ready-made libraries yet. It was later that various valves and devices for automatic ventilation appeared, but even now this is a rather expensive option in the estimate for installing a plastic window. A few years later, I found on Ali a cheaper version of such a sensor, with a shorter distance. With the advent of hermetic window blocks in a plastic frame, this problem disappeared, but with it another appeared – insufficient ventilation of living quarters. By the time it came from China, the idea had already been forgotten, and the sensor itself had collapsed somewhere.


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