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Kuzina. The materials and secrets of our success!

At Kuzina our secrets are our materials. But not only that! It is our art, it… is our obsession for perfection in what we do and above all to create delicious choices of unsurpassed quality that we would proudly and lovingly offer to everyone, and first of all to our children!

Beyond the secret mix of our dough – which we do not share with anyone, we gladly share our simple but essential secrets with all our friends:

Fresh Dough every day! The dough we make has a shelf life of only a few hours whether consumed or not. At the end of the day, that is, what is left over from the initial mixture of our dough, goes to the garbage without many spins. And not in recycling…

Fresh branded ingredients . At Kuzina we do not believe that you can really create suggestions if your materials are not the best. That is why we “search” every day, only for our raw materials. The sausages, the cheeses that we use, the vegetables and everything that we use for baking and cooking, are pure, branded, certified and meet the strictest quality and taste criteria: Our criteria! Check out some of our suppliers:


Exclusive use of olive oil . Whether it is for pizza or side dishes or salad, wherever you need oil, our choice is exclusively virgin olive oil. In addition, in our pans and fryers we use exclusively corn oil, a noble oil that is generally accepted to be the most suitable and healthy for any type of frying.

All of the Hour ! At Kuzina we love to catch us unprepared! That is why here the preparation of each order starts exactly at the moment you place it. No appetizers, pasta or pizza are prepared. Everything is on time to always arrive freshly cooked and freshly baked in front of you. Of course, the same goes for our salads, which are cut the moment you ask for it so that their valuable nutrients are not lost. And for this very reason you have the ability to add or remove any ingredients from the salads on our menu or create one from scratch with ingredients you desire.

Cleanliness . In Kuzina we do not easily clean with cleanliness. It is one of our obsessions! In every part of Kuzina, from the kitchen and the living room to the reception area and the delivery vehicles, we make sure that everything is spotless and that all hygiene rules are observed at all times of the day and night. Because we know that only in this way we will ensure not only the best possible quality of our products but above all the health of our customers. In fact, every month NOVA DISINFECTANT, one of the leading disinfection companies in Crete, undertakes the disinfection of our premises.

Respect for every taste . The ability for every customer to enjoy the pizza they want with the ingredients and dough they prefer is a constant challenge for us. That is why we have provided all the conditions so that we can execute ALL the orders given to us as special and demanding as they are. Thus, we offer the largest possible variety of proposals and ingredients as well as the possibility for everyone to create the pizza that really makes fun, no matter how simple, special or complex it is!


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